“We miss so much out of life if we do not love. The more we love the richer life is.” -L.M. Montgomery, Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery

// Book Review //

Rainbow Valley (1919), the 7th chronological book in the Anne of Green Gables series, has received many mixed reviews over the years. Some readers love it and others complain that Montgomery gives too much attention to the Manse children while ignoring Anne and her family. I am an unabashed Anne fan so I was curious to see what my personal response was going to be as this is my first reading of this book. All in all, I found myself completely captivated by the antics, shenanigans and adventures of both the Manse children and the Blythe family.

Set in the idyllic forest playground the children lovingly call “Rainbow Valley”, we the reader, experience moments of humor, sadness, joy and the fun of childhood. Montgomery expertly incorporates themes of family, charity, sibling loyalty, the innocence of childhood, adventure, bossiness, kindness, hard work, the role of parenting, gossip, church politics, judgementalism, love, loss, grief, hope, forgiveness and new beginnings. I found the book delightful until the very end of the last chapter where I was left with a foreboding fear of the war to come. Stay tuned for Book 8!

“It is never quite safe to think we have done with life. When we imagine we have finished our story fate has a trick of turning the page and showing us yet another chapter.” -L.M. Montgomery, Rainbow Valley

*** I must mention this cover… Isn’t this just the most gorgeous book cover ever!!! I am a big fan of Elly MacKay and her art. If you get a chance, check out her work flow on how she creates such beautiful art in her paper theatre! Elly’s website is listed below…

Title: Rainbow Valley

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Illustrator: Elly MacKay

Publisher: Tundra Books

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781770497436