With my depressing 2-star review from earlier this week behind me, I’m moving to the other end of the spectrum with a 5-star review of this gem! 💎
One element about the power of books and reading is that they have the ability to draw out so many feelings and emotions (both good and bad). I also appreciate that not every book is a good fit for every reader. With that said, if L.M. Montgomery was a cobbler, her Anne series would have been custom designed, cut from the finest leather and perfectly fitted for me! 💗🌸
In this second book of an eight-part series, we experience Anne’s growth into adulthood. I do miss the antics and craziness of Anne’s youth (as a parent it feels like time flies and our kids grow up too fast so I’m probably extra conscious of this right now). The addition of new characters in ‘Anne of Avonlea’ such as Mr. J.A. Harrison, Davy, Dora, Miss Lavender and, of course, the lovable Paul Irving are wonderful additions to Avonlea. Most importantly, however, I appreciate how Anne continues to see the best in everyone, treats others with kindness and shows us that one is never too old to possess a wonderfully delightful imagination!

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