The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan


I don’t know if you feel the same way but sometimes when my life is crazy and hectic I find it so refreshing to read a lovely, bookish story that is delightfully told and easy to process. The Bookshop on the Corner’ was a perfect December read in the middle of the busyness of the holiday season. I enjoyed the charming, colorful and at times even a bit cheesy story of a librarian who loses her job but gains everything she really always wanted but never had possessed. Although this story is sweet and romantic, Jenny Colgan effectively addresses important themes of starting over, following your dreams, the value of community, the bonds of friendship, turning bad situations into good, helping the needy, finding joy in the little moments, and the wonder presented through reading the perfect book! I listened to the audio version narrated by Lucy Price-Lewis and I completely enjoyed the Scottish accents!

** This book was the Modern Mrs. Darcy book club pick for December. I just finished our monthly book chat and found out that many of the titles that Colgan introduces in the story are made-up books! I initially recognized the titles she referenced and then as I read through the book I was surprised that I knew none of the books she referenced! I kept thinking that I would need to go back through the book and look them up! Now I know why I didn’t recognize the books! I love learning new things from other readers!

Book Details:

Title: The Bookshop on the Corner

Author: Jenny Colgan

Publisher: William Morrow

Format: Paperback

ISBN:  978-0062467256

Favorite Quotes:

“Some people buried their fears in food, she knew, and some in booze, and some in planning elaborate engagements and weddings and other life events that took up every spare moment of their time, in case unpleasant thoughts intruded. But for Nina, whenever reality, or the grimmer side of reality, threatened to invade, she always turned to a book. Books had been her solace when she was sad; her friends when she was lonely. They had mended her heart when it was broken, and encouraged her to hope when she was down.” - The Bookshop on the Corner

“Just do something. You might make a mistake, then you can fix it. But if you do nothing, you can't fix anything. And your life might turn out full of regrets.” - The Bookshop on the Corner

“Books were the best way Nina knew – apart from, sometimes, music – to breach the barrier; to connect the internal universe with the external, the words acting merely as a conduit between the two worlds.” - The Bookshop on the Corner

“Anything that spreads books and brings about more books, I would say it is good. Good medicine, not bad.” - The Bookshop on the Corner

“In front of the fire If you haven’t got a fire, a candle will do. The one thing I really look forward to as the nights draw in is a big cozy fire and a good book—the longer the better. I love a really, really long novel, a large cup of tea, or glass of wine depending on how close to the weekend we are (or how much I am in the mood to stretch the definition of what constitutes the weekend), and a bit of peace and quiet. A dog helps, too. Dogs are tremendously good at showing you you don’t have to check your phone every two seconds to have a happy life.” - The Bookshop on the Corner

“Because life is like that, isn’t it? If you thought of all the tiny things that divert your path one way or another, some good, some bad, you’d never do anything ever again. And some people don’t. Some people go through life not really deciding to do much, not wanting to, always too fearful of the consequences to try something new. Of course, that in itself is also a decision.” - The Bookshop on the Corner

“The problem with good things that happen is that very often they disguise themselves as awful things.” - The Bookshop on the Corner

“I am of the old-fashioned conviction that reading is a pleasure to be carefully guarded at all times.”  - The Bookshop on the Corner